In August, purchase K9 Plushy Toys to support Wisconsin Vest-A-Dog and help purchase protective vests for the K9 Officers pictured below!

Mounds will also donate $10 for every plushy sold!

K9 Charlie

This is K9 Charlie.  He is a German Shepherd/Belgian Malinois Mix.  He was born in Hungary in August of 2018.  Charlie was brought to the United States and was trained at Shallow Creek Kennels in Sharpsville Pennsylvania. 

Charlie is what is called a dual-purpose canine which means he is trained to detect narcotics, track people, recover evidence, search buildings for people and to protect his handler and other officers.  Charlie loves absolutely anything that lets him use his nose and discover things.  His favorite thing is a toss up between tracking and searching for narcotics. 

When Charlie is not working, he loves to run, play wrestle and chase his other fur siblings around the backyard; however, even when not working he will do absolutely anything for his Kong Toy.

K9 Domo

K9 Domo is a 22 month old Dutch Shepherd from the Netherlands who was brought over to the United States via Shallow Creek Kennels in Sharpsville, PA.  Domo was trained for 12 weeks before coming to Madison where he trained for 3 more weeks with the Madison Police K9 Unit.  Domo is a dual purpose patrol dog who has the capabilities of tracking, searching for narcotics, searching for evidence, clearing buildings and handler/officer protection. 

Domo really enjoys working and is very eager to help the Madison Police Department in any way he can.  When he is not working, Domo enjoys hanging out with his handler family and sleeping on top of his dog house! Domo is named after Dominic May and is sponsored by Dominic’s Ripple charitable fund which is dedicated to honoring the life and memory of Dominic. 

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