Pet Training

Training products you and your pet will love.

Mounds offers many effective and trusted training aid products:

  • Agility Course Starter Kits
  • Biogroom Bitter Taste Spray
  • Calming products
  • Cat Attract cat litter
  • Clicker Trainers
  • Adaptil/Comfort Zone Spray, Plug-ins, and collars for Dogs and Cats
  • Feliway Spray and Plug-ins for Cats
  • Grannick’s Bitter Apple
  • Hunting Scents
  • No-Pull Harnesses/Collars
  • Gentle Leader head halters & Easy Walk harnesses
  • Prong Collars/Choke Chain Collars/Martingale Collars
  • Sporn no-pull head halter
  • Sense-ation no-pull harnesses
  • Innotek Collars, zone trainers, & containment systems
  • Patricia McConnell Ph.D. books & dvds (Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist & Zoology Ph.D. from UW Madison)
  • Pet Corrector training spray
  • Poochie-Bells potty training bells
  • Potty training pads
  • Petsafe Citronella Collars
  • Petsafe Spray Shield
  • Products to stop pets from eating poop
  • Retrieving Dummies
  • Ssscat motion sensor sprays
  • Sticky Paws
  • Thundershirt
  • Training Treat Pouches
  • Wee-wee attractant posts
  • Whistles/Bells for hunting dogs
  • X-mats

…and many more! To be sure that we have the item you’re looking for in stock, just give us a call. Our sales associates are always happy to answer any of your questions.

Please note: Not all sizes, brands and products are available at every Mounds location. Please call for availability or to special order a product.