Mounds Fur-Fest 2021

June 13th | 10am – 2pm
Mounds Middleton
8311 University Ave., Middleton, WI 53562

Support Local Rescues

Booths for major brands

Purchase from Karben4 Brewing

10% of Karben4 Sales will go to the attending rescues!

*No consumption on-site.

Sassy Cow Creamery will be served by TnT’s Catering and Events from Middleton!
20% of sales will go to support the attending rescues.

Giveaways, coupons, and more!

Visit the Mounds Dog Power / Purrfect Cat Booth for your
free raffle entry to enter to win 6 months of Dog Power!*

Additional entries can be purchased for $2 each or 6 for $10 with proceeds going to Underdog Pet Rescue, Golden Retriever Rescue of Wisconsin, and Upper Midwest Great Dane Rescue.
Cash only.

*No retractable leashes | Masks are required*

We also have open interviews to work at Mound Middleton and are looking to hire you SAME DAY!

We are currently hiring for all positions and offer:
paid sick and vacation time (full-time employees),
a HUGE, GENEROUS employee discount,
two retirement plans,
opportunities for advancement,
unbelievable benefits,
and MORE!


The largest list of sales to date!

$10 off 22.5# and 25# bags of Acana dog food
15% off Acana High Protein dog biscuits

American Natural Premium
$2 off 4#, $3 off 12# and $5 off 30-33# bags of American Natural Premium Turkey Meal With Pumpkin, Triple Protein, Chicken Ancestral Grains, Duck & Butternut Squash and Fish With Zucchini & Carrots dog food

Back 2 Nature
$2 off 10L, $3 off 20L and $5 off 30L bags of Back 2 Nature small animal litter

25% off entire line

$7 off 5# bags of All Life Stages Canidae dog food
$15 off 15-30# bags of All Life Stages Canidae dog food
$20 off 44# bags of All Life Stages Canidae dog food

20% off entire line

Dr. Elsey’s
10% off entire line

$4 off 5# and $6 off 14# bags of Earthborn cat food
$4 off 12.5# and $6 off 25# bags of Earthborn dog food

20% off entire line

Himalayan Pet Supply
20% off entire line

$1 off all Homeopet products

$8 off 29# and larger bags of Iams dog food

20% off Icelandic+ Large cod skin cubes, and short cod skin strips. (Skus: 10082938, 10082906)

$4 off 4.5# and smaller bags of Instinct kibble for dogs and cats
$10 off 24-25# bags of Instinct kibble for dogs
$4 off all Instinct Signature frozen patties (Sun Prairie location only)

40% off entire line

25% off entire line

Buy one get one free all Medterra products (Item of equal or lesser value is free)

$4 off 4# bags of Merrick Grain Free and Healthy Grains dog food
$7 off 22# and larger bags of Merrick Grain Free and Healthy Grains dog food

$5 off all 6.6# bags of Mounds Dog Power and Purrfect Cat

Natural Balance
$3 off 4-6#, $7 off 12-15# and $10 off 22# and larger bags of Natural Balance dog food

35% off all Nootie pet wipes

$3 off 5#, $5 off 15# and $7 off 25-40# bags of NutriSource and Pure Vita dog food
$3 off 6.6# and $5 off 15-16# bags of NutriSource and Pure Vita cat food

Outward Hound
20% off entire line

25% off Oxbow Enriched Life (Excludes cages)

20% off entire line

20% off Petsafe Gentle Leader and Easy Walk dog harnesses

Pioneer Pet
15% off all Pioneer Pet, SmartCat and Sticky Paws products

20% off all Plato Energy Bars, Lamb and Hundurs Crunch dog treats

$6 off 30-37.5# bags of Pro Plan dog food

25% off Redbarn Chew-A-Bulls dental treats

Science Diet
$10 off 22# and larger bags of Science Diet dog food
$10 off 15# and larger bags of Science Diet cat food

Shameless Pets
Buy one get one free on all bags of Shameless dog treats (Item of equal or lesser value is free)

Snicky Snaks
25% off entire line

Taste of the Wild
$5 off all 28# bags of Taste of the Wild dog food

The Honest Kitchen
20% off entire line

ThreePaws Gourmet
All bags of ThreePaws Gourmet dog treats for $9.99 each

Solid Gold
25% off all Solid Gold wet dog and cat food
25% off Solid Gold bone broth for dogs
25% off Solid Gold Seameal Squeez cat treats

Stella & Chewy’s
20% off entire line

Tether Tug
30% off Tether Tug poles and attachments

Vital Essentials
Buy 4 get 1 free on items from the Vital Essentials raw dog chew bar (Item of equal or lesser value is free)

Vital Planet
25% off entire line

$4 off 4-5# bags, and $10 off 18-30# bags of Wellness CORE and Complete Health dog food

33% off entire line

10% off entire line

World’s Best
$2 off 7-8#, $3 off 12-14# and $5 off 24-28# bags of World’s Best cat litter

$3 off 4#, $6 off 12.5# and $9 off 25# bags of Zignature dog food

*6 months of free Mounds Dog Power winner will be chosen Monday, June 14th. Winner will receive 6 vouchers for one free bag of any 30-35# bag of Dog Power. Vouchers will be sent to the store of the winner’s choosing and must be picked up with an I.D. from that store.