8311 University Ave.
Middleton Wisconsin 53562
United States
Phone: 608-831-3000
The Adoption Center inside the Mounds Middleton is now closed.

 There are still available animals at the satellite adoption centers at the Mounds Pet Food Warehouse locations in Fitchburg, Sun Prairie, and Madison.

Please visit Dane County Humane Society or call the Main Shelter at (608) 838-0413 or Adoption Center West at (608) 827-8997 for more information.

Click here to view items the shelter needs

The Mounds Sun Prairie Satellite center also feature adoptable cats from Dane Counties Maddie’s Fund partner Dane County Friends of Ferals. Looking to adopt a small animal? Mounds Madison East and Fitchburg feature adoptable bunnies and other small animals from Dane County Humane Society.

Number of animals adopted since the Middleton Center opened: 2,897

Dane County Humane Society Main Shelter
5132 Voges Road
Madison, WI 53718

The Dane County Humane Society Adoption Center West
680 Grand Canyon Drive #5
Madison, WI 53719

Or visit the Dane County Humane Society website

For more information on these groups please visit their websites at:

Dane County Humane Society Logo
Dane County Humane Society
Dane County Friends of Ferals
Dane County Friends of Ferals
Maddie's Fund: The Pet Rescue Foundation
Maddie’s Fund

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    I wanted to share with you how wonderful the staff is at the Middleton store. Our oldest field spaniel “Emmy” made an immediate connection to Kim, it is now a little bit comical when we ask her prior to bed if she would like to go to Mounds and see Kim! As soon as we get up in the morning our little fur ball is better than “Siri” at reminding us of our “appointment” at Mounds to visit with Kim. She “talks” all the way over to the store I’m pretty sure she is saying “Drive faster Kim is waiting for me”

    We love the entire staff at the store, all of them are so friendly and nice even to our trouble maker “Enzo”. Thanks you for hiring such wonderful and caring people to work at your stores, they are the best around!

    -Joe and Sarah

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