We Are Hiring Cool People!

We are hiring Stockers, Sales Associates, Lead Sales Associates, an Inventory Receiver (Middleton location), and Assistant Managers.

This isn’t like other job postings, this is a cool job posting, because let’s be real, we are looking for cool people 😎 to join the cool crew we already have. So, we guess you could say that being cool is a requirement. If you are going to clock in just to breathe the air, come to work late, call in frequently… that is not cool. Keep reading this posting if you are going to be cool.

Now that we have that covered, we have a bit of bad news for you: Yes, cute dogs come into Mounds. 🐶Yes, you do get to pet them if their human says it is okay! 😍 But no, sadly, this job is not petting cute dogs ALL DAY. 😭

Your shifts will include frequently lifting 50 pounds and reaching above shoulder height. 💪🏻 Now all you have to do is find time for a “leg day” at the gym and your 2021 New Year’s resolution about fitness goals is off to a good start!

If your preferred method of communication is mind-reading, a carrier pigeon, or morse code with a telegraph, this may not be the job for you. Shifts frequently include answering the telephone 📞 and speaking with customers, providing accurate information.

If your preferred method of communication is texting, Snapchatting, sending relatable Tik Toks from your For You Page to your friends, Tweeting, or Facebook messaging… that’s awesome! Ours too. Just not on the clock, please!

Teamwork makes the dreamwork but sometimes we will ask you to fly solo. Life is about balance, so working with others or independently is key.

Maybe you only want to work at Mounds for a few years while you work on your passions, side hustle, or school. That is okay! Maybe you are looking for a place to grow, becoming a manager or even a member of a corporate environment. We offer that too!

Know that we have you covered with awesome benefits: health plan, dental, life, short-term and long-term disability, two retirement plans, paid training, and a generous employee discount.

We just ask that you have availability to work retail hours: days, evenings, weekends, and holidays, and are ready to provide amazing customer service. 😁Previous retail experience is a plus but if you are cool🆒, as mentioned above, we can train you!