Specials and Events at Mounds in June

Monthly Specials:

$3 off 4# and $5 off 10-12# bags of Acana cat food

$10 off 4 pack Advantage II cat, Seresto collars, 4 packs of Advantix II for dogs, and Bayer dog and cat Premise Kits.

All Blackwood treats for $5.99 each
(Through July 2020)

Boss Dog
$2 off Boss Dog Pro Puffs dog treats

Chicken Soup
All Chicken Soup dog treats for $3.99 each
(Through July 2020)
$5 off 28# bags of Chicken Soup dog food
(Through July 2020)

20% off Frankly Chews
(excludes cow ears. Through July 2020)

$1 off 20oz Friskies Party Mix cat treats

20% off select Jones products

Buy three of the new 12.7oz Merrick BBQ Style cans, get one free. Buy a case for the price of 9 cans!

Nature’s Miracle
Price too low to advertise! Visit the store for details!

$3 off all 22# and larger bags of Nutro dog food
$2 off 5#, and $4 off 14# bags of Nutro cat food

Old Mother Hubbard
$2 off 20oz bags of Old Mother Hubbard

20% off 14oz bags of Primal freeze dried for dogs
(Through July 2020)

$1 off any size Beggin dog treats

Royal Canin
10% off all sizes of Royal Canin Baby Cat, Kitten, Indoor Adult, and Fit and Active cat food
10% off breed-specific Royal Canin dog food

Science Diet
$5 off 21# and larger bags of Science Diet dog food

20% off 1.75# and 7# bags of Sojos Complete dog food

Solid Gold
$5 off 3-6# bags of Solid Gold cat food and 4# bags of Solid Gold dog food

Stella & Chewy’s
20% off all Stella & Chewy’s wet food and treats
Buy one get one free 3# bags of Stella & Chewy’s Essentials dog food
25# bags of Stella & Chewy’s Essential dog food for $39.99

Treat Planet
Buy five select Etta Says and Hare of the Dog products for $10
(Through December 2020)
Buy two Etta Says Mega Chews for $10
(Through December 2020)

World’s Best
6-7# bags of World’s Best cat litter for $6.99 and 12-14# bags for $14.99

Buy one get one free on all Ziwi chews