Specials and Events at Mounds in September

Monthly Specials:

25% off dog treats
(Sale goes through September.)

Buy any size Orijen freeze dried dog food; get a free 1.25oz bag of Orijen freeze dried dog treats.

Chicken Soup
25% off 13.5# bags of cat food.
25% off 4.5# bags of dog food.
Buy 2 bags of dog treats for $5.

Emerald Pet
25% off Wholly Fish cat treats.
$2 off Purely Prime dog treats.

$2.50 off 7# bags of cat food.
30% off Perfect Portions wet cat food

30% off Perfect Portions wet cat food.

Old Mother Hubbard
$2 off 20oz bags of dog treats.

$0.10 off 3oz cans of Pro Plan cat food.
$3 off 33-37.5# bags of Pro Plan dog food.
$3 off 40# boxes of Tidy Cats litter.
3oz cans of Fancy Feast for $0.65.

Science Diet
$2 off 3-4# bags of cat food and $3 off 4-5# bags of dog food. (Excludes Bioactive.)

$2 off 1.75# and $6 off 7# bags of Complete dog food.
20% off Simply treats.

Solid Gold
$5 off 5# and larger bags of cat food.
$5 off 22# and larger bags of dog food.

12oz bags of Core Raw Rev cat food for $3.98
$2 off 6oz bags of Wellbites dog treats.

25% off entire line.