Mounds Pet Food Warehouse Raises $19,000 to Vest Local K-9 Officers

In 2018, 27 K-9 Officers were killed in the line of duty. Most were shot or stabbed by the suspects they were attempting to apprehend. Sadly, many law enforcement agencies and police departments do not have funds to purchase life-saving body armor for their police dogs. The cost of each vest is around $850 to $1200, depending on which vest suits each dog. In the month of July, Mounds raised $19,000 for Vest-A-Dog, a local organization that raises money to vest K-9 officers in Wisconsin. With the gracious donations from customers rounding up their total at the register and with the sale of K-9 plush toys, the amount raised will vest two Police K-9’s and provide nearly 40 K-9 First Aid Kits.

About Mounds: Mounds Pet Food Warehouse is a local, employee-owned pet supply business with five locations throughout South Central Wisconsin. Mounds is well known in the animal welfare community for generosity and long-term relationships. They partner with and support dozens of local humane societies, rescue, and service animal groups each year to fulfill their passion of creating a better community for all animals.

Vest a dog wisconsin buys vests for police dogs

About Wisconsin Vest-A-Dog: Wisconsin Vest-A-Dog was started in 2005 and is a nonprofit, tax deductible organization endorsed by the Wisconsin Veterinary Association. Every donation is used for the purchase and shipping of vests and other protective equipment. The goal of the VEST-A-DOG program is to provide a bulletproof and stab proof vest for every police dog in Wisconsin. The vests are the only protection these K-9 officers have until their human partners arrive on the scene.