Mounds Raises Money for Wisconsin’s Vest-a-Dog in July

Over a dozen K9 Officers are killed each year. Most were shot or stabbed by the suspects they were attempting to apprehend. Sadly, many law enforcement agencies and police departments do not have the funds to purchase body armor that can save the lives of their police dogs. The cost of each vest is around $850 to $1200, depending on which vest best suits each dog.  Every July Mounds donates $0.50 per 35 lb. bag of Mounds Dog Power sold to help purchase safety vests for local police K-9’s.  This year we also have K9 plush toys for sale or customers can donate at the register!  Thanks to your purchases we are able to raise funds to vest some local police K-9’s, help them purchase A/C unit monitors, and provide K9 First Aid Kits!   


The vests for the new K-9’s will be provided by Wisconsin Vest-A-Dog. Wisconsin Vest-A-Dog was started in 2005 and is a non-profit, tax deductible organization endorsed by the Wisconsin Veterinary Association. For more information on how you can help vest a local police K-9 go to the Wisconsin Vest-A-Dog program website