Success Story January 2017

For many years Abbey, a yellow lab, was the bell of the ball in the Tewsabbey household. Abbey spent most of her life on the Mounds Dog Power “All Life Stages” food. With Abbey, the biggest benefit was longevity. She always loved the food and ate it up quickly. She had a beautiful, soft coat. She was the ideal family pet – fitting into our motto, “dogs are people too”. She was great with everyone, especially kids. She was a gentle soul and will always be in our hearts. Abbey was 16.5 when she passed away.

Recently the Tews family adopted Macy. Macy is a rescue that we picked up in Indiana (via Lucky Lab Rescue). Macy is a one and a half year old Lab/bloodhound mix (we think). After switching Macy to the Mounds Dog Power we have been getting the same amazing results as when we were feeding Abby. She has a healthy appetite and a great skin and coat. We could not be more pleased with the Mounds food and how both of our dogs have done on the Mounds macyAll Life Stages food.

Macy L-O-V-E-S to play ball. You can’t even say the word “ball” without her leaping up and spinning in circles, ready to go outside and chase her favorite object in the world. Playing ball in the snow is a different adventure, but we’re finding that she’s pretty good at using her nose to find the ball under a foot of snow – that’s entertaining in itself! Abbey set a high bar for any dog to live up to, but Macy has quickly filled our hearts with her own style of love and companionship.
Thanks, Tom Tews