Mounds Success Story

booboo-at-mounds-adoption-centerMounds is proud to feature adoptable cats at our Mounds Sun Prairie and Janesville locations. Our Sun Prairie location features cats from Dane County Humane Society and Dane County Friends of Ferals. Our Janesville location features adoptable felines from Friends of Noah. As part of our ongoing commitment to our community Mounds provides the cats in our rooms our Mounds Purrfect Cat and Purrfectly Natural cat food free to help offset the costs to these groups and to provide a consistent, well balanced diet to the cats in their care.
One such cat is BooBoo! I’m a Friends of Noah rescue who was discovered in a barn last year before Halloween when I was just 3 weeks old. I enjoyed indulging in the Mounds Purrfect Cat food on a daily basis—it was fresh and delicious! My opinion counts a great deal because I am known for being a real food
connoisseur. I love my food. Let’s just say I’ve earned the nickname, “The Gobbler.” ¬I can’t even begin to tell you how much work it is to look cute and animated all day long. Mounds Purrfect Cat food is full of lots of protein, so it gave me the daily ENERGY I needed to play and flirt with all the prospective adopters. Apparently it worked because I now have earned my happy forever home!
Thank you, Mounds, for feeding me the quality food I deserved!