Mounds Success Story August 2016

Jordy 2We were so fortunate to rescue our 9 week old Labradoodle JORDY 15 months ago. He is our first dog, so we knew nothing about what to feed him. I went to Mounds hoping to find what was best for him. They recommended Mounds Dog Power Lamb & Rice. I trusted their recommendation and I am glad I did. They told me that he could stay with this food without having to transition his diet as he grows. He gobbles it up every time it hits his dish, even though he is spoiled with treats, scrambled eggs and more. In March I took him for his 1 year check-up and it was confirmed that I made the right choice giving him Mounds Dog Power. His vet told me whatever you are feeding him, keep doing it.

As you can see in the picture Jordy has a nice shiny coat and his skin doesn’t flake at all. Jordy has little to no shedding but is always willing to take a belly rub when he can get one! Jordy loves his Dog Power Lamb & Rice, he is always following us sniffing for any loose kibble we might drop on the way to his dish. We do not feed him any rawhide, but he really appreciates the pig ears we get free with the Dog Power purchase!

His absolute favorite toys are the deer antlers we get from Mounds for him to chew on. Some of his quirks are that he loves to chase our sons through the house and play with them. He has a very large tongue for his body so it is always on the move. Jordy is a mama’s boy and is always at my side. He loves to hang out in the kitchen on Sunday mornings when I make eggs and bacon. He loves to swim and spend time at the creek. His arch nemesis is the vacuum cleaner. He is a joy and has brought many exciting and wonderful memories into our lives. We want to thank Mounds for being a part of it!