Pet Tips – Boating & Camping

Summer is a great time to spend outdoors with your favorite canine companion! If you are able to take your dog with you when you do your outdoor activities the two of you are bound to have loads of fun together! If you are planning on taking your dog Boating or Camping with you, you will need to know some simple safety tips…

Canine Lifejackets – People are not the only ones that should wear lifejackets! Most dogs are good swimmers, but some are not. Even if your dog is great in the water, you need to be careful of exhaustion as well as hypothermia.

Fresh Drinking Water – Think about how thirsty you can get while on the boat in the sun. Make
sure you also have water for your dog. Best idea is to bring a thermos and pour the water into a bowl when the boat is not moving. Don’t force your dog to drink water, but be sure to have it available to him.

Sun & Heat – Make sure to have a shaded area for your dog on the boat. Also, some boat surfaces can be very hot, so be aware of the hot areas so they don’t burn the pads on their feet (Ouch!) Where to potty? Allow your dog times to relieve their bladder while on the boat. Pull up to shore or dock for a quick minute. Remember to pick up after your dog and properly dispose of the waste.

Starting your dog on a boat – Don’t assume that your dog will enjoy his time on the boat, especially if it is his first time. Dogs often become nervous with unstable surfaces, and can get seasick just like people. Plan
your trip and get your dog used to being on the boat before it is in the water. Allow your dog to go on the boat. Gently help him understand to sit still, get him used to it. Have your first boating trip be a short one, to
help him get used to the movements.

• Make sure your pet is up-to-date on all of their vaccinations and consider a Lyme disease vaccine.
• Have your dog wear his collar with proper id tags on at all time. Temporary tags may be a good idea — name and phone number of where you are staying.
• Bring all of your pets needs from home; food, water (water from home is best), bowls, treats, chew toys, bedding, etc.
• Keep your dog on leash at all times. You never know when they might, spot a bunny and take off! Even the most well-trained dog still has instincts!
• Be considerate of others; prevent your dog from barking that disturbs wildlife and other campers, pick up after your dog and dispose of waste properly, do not allow your dog to roam freely around the campsite and do
not leave your dog unattended.
• Consider bringing your dogs crate for temporary restraint. It may also be a calm, safe place for your dog to go if he becomes nervous or antsy. Crates are also a part of home, so this may help him feel more comfortable as well.
• Closely supervise your dog around other dogs, children and visitors.
• For unexpected situations, be sure to bring a pet first aid kit, a towel, and the number of a veterinarian in the area.
• Be aware of the increased risk of fleas, ticks and other exposure to insects and wild animals. Be sure to have your dog properly guarded.
• Consider your dog’s sleeping arrangements and be sure to allow him to get used to the tent or camper before it’s actually time to go to bed.
• Respect the designated areas where dogs are allowed. Have a great summer outdoors with your dog!
Tail Wags,
Article written by Giene Keyes