Mounds Success Story June/July 2016

kitties sleepingWe have two cats we got from rescue situations: Lunesta (Luna) the orange kitty, is about 7 months old and we got her from the Janesville Humane Society. The tabby’s name is Sialis (Sia). She’s about one year old and she came from a rescue in Atlanta, Georgia. Luna is very acrobatic and loves to chase everything that moves, including your legs. She is particularly fond of stick toys and will flip through the air trying to catch them. Sia is very independent (sassy), bless her heart. She enjoys napping, sleeping and resting. She chatters at reflections on the ceiling and headlights passing through. Despite their unique personalities, these two were meant to be sisters. They sleep in the same chair, clean each other, snuggle and share their toys. You can often find them spooning with their teddy bear on their favorite chair.

We used to buy a more expensive brand food. When my wife and I got a second cat we wanted to save
money so we tried a less expensive food. Our cats didn’t like it and it also gave them digestive problems. While at Mounds we noticed they had their own brand of pet foods and we were pleased to see that their main ingredient wasn’t a by-product or some type of meal. Not only is the Purrfectly Natural healthy for our cats but it’s economically affordable and our cats can’t get enough of it.
William S.