Success Story May 2016

May Success StoryOur 10 year old cat Callie had been eating a name brand national pet food since she was a kitten. She had developed some oozing open sores on her chin. After doing some research it was determined she had “Kitty Acne”. Many times this develops due to an allergic reaction, mainly plastic and food allergies. We use ceramic dishes that get washed weekly so we knew it was not her dishes; it had to be her food.

Someone mentioned that the Mounds Purrfectly Natural was a great food. I bought a bag hoping this would be the answer to easing her discomfort. Within 2 weeks we started to notice the “Kitty Acne” was no longer oozing and the sores were getting smaller. After 6 months on Mounds Purrfectly Natural her “Kitty Acne” is completely gone. She is a long hair calico, and we have had issues with hairballs, even with the “Hairball” formulas of cat food. We noticed since switching that her coat is beautiful and her hairballs have almost completely stopped! Her appetite has spiked since being introduced to this food. She runs to her dish every morning and begs like our dog, she has NEVER done this in her 10 years. We are completely happy with this product, and an added bonus: It is more affordable!

Natalie C.

*Mounds would like to apologize for the misprint of the wrong name on the newsletter.