Ask the Vet April 2016

Happy Spring Everyone!
Spring is an exciting time at the vet. We get to see a lot of our clients that didn’t want to brave going out into the cold winter weather with their furry friends, but are now ready to venture out and get ready for Spring and Summer. We are doing lots of preventative heath examinations updating vaccinations and getting the latest information on Heartworm and Flea/Tick preventatives.

For our dog clients, many owners are just starting to think about heartworm and flea and tick preventatives. It has been perfect weather for ticks to be active for several weeks now. If you haven’t
already started tick protection for your dog and you spend time out doors with your pup – you need to get started now! We are also updating core vaccines (rabies and distemper combos) as well as the more specialty vaccines like Leptospirosis, Lymes and Influenza. If you aren’t sure if your dog should be getting additional vaccines, talk to your vet about what is best for your pet’s individual lifestyle.

In the Spring we also see more of our feline friends as well. While they may not be going outside as often as our canine friends, cats are also susceptible to heartworm and internal parasites. Their risk increases as we see more insects outside and some of them sneak into our homes. There are some very convenient topical flea and internal parasite products available to protect your cat no matter what their lifestyle may be. Updating vaccines is also a common occurrence this time of year and even if you have been told otherwise, current rabies vaccination is legally required for all dogs and cats living in Dane County. Talk to your veterinarian and learn what is really required so that you keep your cat protected from this fatal disease and yourself from getting a fine.

Finally we get to our other companions. While the only exotic animals we see at our clinic are companion mammals like rabbits, guinea pigs and ferrets; birds, reptiles and amphibian companions should also see their veterinarians on a regular basis. Your veterinarian can provide a complete physical exam, discuss important husbandry concerns and even help with any behavioral issues that you may have about your furry, feathered or scaly friends.

A good yearly exam is an important step to keep all of your pets as healthy as possible. If you haven’t done it in a while – call and set up an appointment with your veterinarian today. Just remember to be a little patient since a lot of other people are having similar thoughts and you may have to wait a few extra days for the next opening.

Carla Christman, DVM
Healthy Pet Veterinary Clinic