Success Story

I have been using Mounds Purrfectly Natural cat food in the black bag for as many years as I can remember. I have 4 happy healthy kitties. I adopted Frida as a small kitten (now 8 years old) from Rock County Humane Society. I adopted Max (who is now 6) from the Mounds satellite adoption center when Rock County Humane Society had cats there. Sabrina (almost 9) was a very small kitten when we adopted her. Sam (almost 7) was a young adult
when he came to live with us. Three of the four cats like to hang out in the bath tub when not in use. Max does not know what he is missing yet. Frida will scream for attention and pets from my husband Mark but stays quiet while on my lap, I guess she has him trained. Sabrina
is an easy going mellow kitty who will snuggle with Frida or Max, she has the most friends. They all have their own quirks that seem to change with the season. I noticed less vomiting when I switched to the Mounds Purrfectly Natural. I think the best benefit of Mounds Purrfectly Natural is that corn is not an ingredient.

Tammy B.