Mounds Success Story Novemeber

Molly was part of an abandoned litter in Janesville. Molly was the last adopted/fostered by a professional dog trainer who re-homed her at 4.5 months, which is when we got her. It was love at first sight.

As a pup Molly had a very sensitive stomach. We had a few 3 am wakeups to that smell dog owners know all too well. My co-worker suggested Mounds Dog Power as it worked for their dogs. We got very similar advice from a dog park regular so I figured I’d give it a try. We started with Dog Power ALS and it really did the trick. She loves treats and has me trained very well, so when the vet suggested she could lose a few pounds I started to switch from Dog Power ALS to the Weight Management and never looked back. She’s shed those few pounds easily while still getting her treats, smart dog. People at the park always comment on what a shiny, soft coat she has and what we do to get it. Honestly, it’s all Mounds Dog Power and a variety of quality treats.

Molly is a real Heinz 57 dog. We had her DNA tested and it came back 50% Border Collie/Rottweiler and 50% unknown. Molly will turn 6 on November 12. She loves to talk and growl while she plays. It’s super fun to watch when her Border Collie moves show and she makes incredible cuts and spins. One thing we’ve never been able to train out of her is that she thinks all animals on TV are real and she goes a little nuts. No more animal planet
or westerns for us. She loves belly rubs of course and makes cute squeaks when she yawns. I can’t really remember life without her and I have never walked so much. My health has greatly improved.

Thanks for the chance to gush about my dog. She’s a real character and huge part of the family. Also thanks for Mounds – Hands down the best pet supply store around. We are truly lucky!
Joshua & Rebecca