Mounds Success Story

Both of our dogs were strays and we got them at around 9 months old. Lucy who just passed (at 17 1/2 years old!) and Ivy is our 7 year old. Lucy was a Brittany Terrier Mix and Ivy is a Rat Terrier/ Chihuahua Mix. Our dogs have always been on Dog Power All Life Stages. On the food, they’ve always maintained an excellent weight. They have had consistent, healthy stools – never diarrhea or soft stools. I feel good that the food is made in Wisconsin. Our friend’s tried to get us to switch to another brand dog food to save us $3 per bag. We wouldn’t even consider it. It isn’t worth the potential health risks to save a few bucks. I strongly believe that Mounds brand dog food has contributed to our dogs’ overall health. I like that it is affordable and that there are Mounds locations in and around the Madison area making it easy to purchase. Ivy is also an excellent mouser. She and our cat work together as a team to take down mice! (Some people might not like this…but we live in the country and this is very helpful!). On a side note, we also have our cats on the Mounds Purrfect Cat.

Lindsay F.