Success Story – Cooper

Robyn adopted her Collie, Cooper, at 4 months old from a family who decided they didn’t have time for a puppy. Cooper is now an active 4 year old dog in the prime of his life who loves eating the Mounds Dog Power Chicken & Rice. Robyn says the Mounds food supports his beautiful coat: “He gets lots of positive comments from strangers on the street.” Mounds Chicken and Rice also helps him maintain a healthy weight: “Since he is a picky eater, we had troubles with him eating inconsistently until we tried this food.” In his free time Cooper loves visiting the UW Children’s hospital as a volunteer with the Pet Pals Program. Cooper gets excited when Robyn brings out the vest he wears to his visits. He likes to back up into laps (and sit on laps!) to be petted, and gives “hugs” on command.