Employee of the Month

We would like to recognize the following Employees for their outstanding work at Mounds.

Rachel Wilder is a full time sales associate at our Mounds Sun Prairie location. She is described as friendly, hard-working, independent, dependable, and approachable. Rachel is most knowledgeable about pet food nutrition. Rachel is always going above and beyond to learn about new products and help other employees to get tasks done. When Rachel lived in Michigan she volunteered at the Huron Humane Society. In her free time she likes to spend time with her dog Alaska.

Lauren Hankins is a full time lead sales associate at our Mounds Janesville location. She is described as knowledgeable, helpful, friendly, and creative. Lauren is most knowledgeable about dogs and cats. Lauren is always willing to learn a new task to help the team get things done efficiently. She often helps
with receiving to keep orders and inventory up to date. When she is not working Lauren has a 7 month old son that keeps her extremely busy outside of work. She likes to play video games and craft when she finds some free time.

Cori O’Brien is a part-time sales associate at our Mounds Middleton location. She is described as a friendly, caring, thoughtful, hard-working, self-starter. Cori is most knowledgeable about horses, dogs and cats. Cori always has a positive attitude and is willing to take on new tasks or challenges. In her free time she volunteers at Three Gaits in Stoughton and at the Dane County Humane Society as a Feline Friend. Cori has two cats – Benji and Ace and a dog named Lucy.