Employee of the Month February 2015

Nicole Ray is a part-time sales associate at our Mounds Fitchburg location. She is described as hardworking, honest, logical, independent and approachable. Nicole is most knowledgeable about horse, nutritional needs and supplement benefits. She makes it her first priority to get shelves stocked for our customers. During our December Humane Holidays event Nicole went above and beyond to collect donations for the Dane County Humane Society and the food pantry program. In her free time Nicole loves spending time with her dogs and horses, She is also a farrier.

Jazlyn Hinchley is a part-time sales associate at our Mounds East location. She is described as dependable, persevering, knowledgeable, and focused. Jazlyn is most knowlegeable about cats, Jazlyn is a motivated self-starter who always stays on task and sees every project through. She is an outgoing team player and adds positivity to the workplace. In her free time Jazlyn likes soccer, music, and reading. Jazlyn has always been an animal lover – she currently has 5 cats and 2 dogs.