Success Story – Luke & Natasha

Luke is an Akita/German Shepard that our family adopted from Dane County Humane Society in June 2006. He is somewhat cautious of other people, does a lot of tricks, and is quite the talker. Natasha is a 10 year old Akita that we adopted from the Iowa County Humane Society in April 2012. She looks like a little black bear and is quite the kisser. I had both of them on the Dog Power Weight Management dog food, but I noticed about a year ago they
were having issues with their hips. I asked an employee at Mounds what they would suggest for their hips because neither dog would take any medicines.

They suggested we try the Mounds Dog Power Lamb Meal & Rice dog food which contains glucosamine and chondroitin to promote joint health and mobility. To this day their hips are 100% better and they are very playful with one another. Thank You Mounds for making my dogs healthier and happier. Judy Dederich