Employees of the Month November 2014

Fitchburg employee of the month November 2014Alexis Hughes is a part-time sales associate at our Mounds Fitchburg location. She is described as creative, energetic, independent and passionate. Alexis is most knowledgeable about cats. Alexis has recently started helping in the dog treats and rawhide section. She makes it her first priority every day to make sure everything is stocked and ready to go. She also takes pride in arranging the treats in an easy to navigate and visually pleasing manner. In her free time Alexis enjoys spending time with her cat and learning about animal related behavior and nutrition.

Victoria Zimmerman is the assistant manager at our Mounds East location. She is Mounds Madison East employee of the month November 2014described as easy going, funny, friendly, hardworking, and willing to learn. Victoria is most knowledgeable about small animals. Victoria has taken a hands-on approach to training new employees; she wants to show the staff everything she can to make them better at their jobs. In her free time she volunteers with a teen m0entoring program through the Dane County juvenile holding facility. She also loves spending time with her husband Jeremy, a Chihuahua named Taco, and her sugar gliders.