Mounds Warm Fuzzy October 2014

Fetch Wisconsin Rescue saves the lives of at-risk dogs in high kill shelters through medical care and rehabilitation in order to match them with loving, forever homes. Fetch was started by a group of dog-loving friends looking to create a rescue focused on dogs of all breeds found in unfortunate situations. The rehabilitation process for Fetch dogs can vary depending upon the unique
circumstances of the dog.

One of these successful rehabilitation stories involved Logan, a Chihuahua Terrier. Logan came to fetch with severe injuries as a result of being attacked by another dog. He had several deep punctures a fractures in his spine. He was in emergency care for five days in extreme pain and unable to move. After showing signs of progression, he was moved to a foster home to start rehab. After a few vet visits, weeks of love, and a bit of patience, Logan is now healed up and back to being a normal pup. His true personality comes out more each day, and he’s affectionate with all creatures, human and canine alike.

Since April 2013, Fetch has rescued 203 dogs from shelters and owners that could no longer care for them. This is a result of
hard work and dedication by 300+ volunteers involved in fostering, transports, fund raising, dog sitting, dog walking, home visits,
and much more. Fetch continues to welcome dedicated volunteers to assist in the rescue mission. Fetch is a volunteer-run, non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization. To cover the expenses of rescuing dogs, we rely on donations and fundraising. To learn more about Fetch and join the cause, go to