Success Story August 2014

Alfie and Archie were both rescue dogs. Archie was supposed to be a foster dog, but I quickly became a foster flunky as I fell in love with his adorable nature.  When you say, “puppy power” Alfie walks on his hind legs with his front legs raised up like superman.  When you say “Elvis” Archie curls his lip like Elvis when reaching for a treat. He is definitely a dog with Dog Power!   

Archie, a Cairn Terrier, has a health condition that originally left him unable to walk. He was diagnosed with Meningitis and was put on Cyclosporine. With the medication and continued work on his muscles with exercises and massages he began to make improvement. During this difficult time we found that Mounds Dog Power was the only dog food that kept Archie’s stomach settled, helped him maintain regularity and consistency, and prevented him from getting sick. He gradually pushed himself to make more strides, more steps and now he can even run!   

Archie and Alfie are both 6 years old and enjoy socializing at the park, playing ball, chasing chipmunks and long bike rides. But most of all, at the end of their long days–eating Mounds Dog Power has helped to maintain all of this energy. They like the taste of all of the formulas, but their favorite is the Mounds Dog Power All Life Stages and Lamb & Rice. Mounds Dog Power is a high quality dog good at a low price– you can’t get better than that. Most importantly, it’s a dog food I trust!   

Dawn, Alfie and Archie