Employee of the Month August 2014

ChrisWe would like to recognize the following Employees for their outstanding work at Mounds.

Mounds Middleton – Chris Nowik is a part-time sales associate at our Mounds Middleton location. He is described as a humble, helpful, positive, with a great vibe and go-go gadget arms. Chris is most knowledgeable about dogs and cats. He is willing to try new things and help out fellow employees whenever he can. In his free time Chris likes longboarding, playing with his dog Xena, and brewing a type of fermented tea called kombucha.


Mounds Sun Prairie – Ian Doherty is “THE” inventory receiver at our Mounds Sun Prairie location. He is described as helpful, hardworking, accountable, and friendly. Ian has been with Mounds for 14 years and has worked at 4 of our Mounds locations. Ian is a walking data base about the ins and outs at Mounds. He has been vital in forklift training and certification of many of our employees. In his free time Ian  loves listening to music, watching sports, camping, and having dinner with his grandmother.  


Mounds Janesville – Melissa Cates is the assistant manager at our Mounds Janesville location. She is described by her fellow employees as dependable, thoughtful, and helpful. Melissa is willing to do whatever is needed to help get the job done.  She is always willing to put in extra hours or learn a new task. She recently started to learn how to check-in deliveries. In her free time Melissa enjoys spending time with her family and her 2 dogs.