Warm Fuzzy

Affinity Rescue was founded in June of 2009 (501c3). The volunteers and foster parents that have made Affinity Rescue a success come from all walks of life, with the same goal of giving abandoned dogs a second chance. Since we are an all-breed rescue, our foster parents have the privilege of fostering all types of dogs. Sometimes you just need that small dog fix or it’s time to get a 100 pound dog to run with. We are a small rescue that finds home for approximately 100 – 125 dogs a year.
As a small rescue, we try to take in a certain number of senior and special needs dogs. Some of the dogs that arrive at our rescue need hip surgery, heart worm treatment, dental work, etc. These are just a few of the conditions that we take care of with the generous help of local vets.

Senior dogs always pull at our heart strings and we try to help as many as we can. Sam is one of our senior dogs that we rescued. Sam is a 10 – 11 year old Smooth Coat Collie mix. He was found as a stray in Milwaukee and came to our rescue in March 2012. Poor Sam had to have almost all his teeth pulled and was also found to have a grade 3 heart murmur. We found a great home for Sam in August and he spent 2 great months on a 3 acre farmette with other dogs, cats, and unfortunately chickens. Sam had lost most of his vision while in his new home, but that didn’t stop him from escaping the fenced in yard and hunting down his owner’s chickens along with the neighbors chickens. Sam came back to our rescue in November and has finally found his forever home with a great family, along with their senior dog that just loves Sam.
How can you help? Fostering, volunteer at adoption events, donations of money, paper towels, and dog supplies.
Please explore our site if you are interested in adopting, volunteering, fostering or donating and thank you for your interest in rescue dogs and for your generous support.
Affinity Rescue, Inc.