Warm Fuzzy Salute

Spay Me!, Wisconsin’s only high volume, low cost spay/neuter and wellness clinic, is located in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin – right in Dane County – at 3120 Edmonton Drive, Suite 500, a few miles north on Highway 19 from the Mounds store in Sun Prairie. Many people still do not know it’s there, even though Spay Me! has spayed and neutered over 35,000 animals since it opened in 2008.

Shelter From The Storm (SFTS) opened Spay Me! Clinic in the lower level of their shelter facility. “Opening a low cost spay/neuter clinic has been a goal of mine since opening SFTS,” says Executive Director Allison Davies. “I could not have anticipated the fantastic growth we’ve experienced in four short years. We employ nine veterinarians and five CVT’s.” By 2009, Spay Me! was performing surgeries five days a week and quickly outgrew its Madison location. They moved to their current
Sun Prairie location in the summer of 2009.

Spay Me! also provides wellness services and dental procedures. Two vets see pets for annual exams and vaccinations, illnesses,
radiology, heartworm testing, etc. “We don’t want a family to have to decide between feeding themselves or providing care for
their pet(s).” says Davies. “We are not meant to be a primary care veterinarian. People need to establish a relationship with a local
veterinarian.” The clinic also serves as a hands-on educational setting for veterinary and veterinary technician students who want
to learn more about shelter medicine and high volume spay/neuter procedures.

“Spay Me! is out of room again,” Davies continues. “We need more space to keep up with the demand for our services and luckily,
there is an adjacent office space available. We plan on beginning construction no later than the spring of 2013.” Spay Me! needs to
raise $550,000 for this project. When finished, the clinic will have added 1,500 square feet of space; two more spay/neuter surgery tables, a special surgery suite, 32 dog kennels for housing dogs overnight, and two separate cat rooms.

They project performing 16,000 spay/neuter procedures annually. More information about the project can be found on their website, www.spayme.com. During November, Mounds will be accepting donations on behalf of Spay Me! at all Mounds locations. Please donate to this outstanding organization so they can offer more animals affordable veterinary care. Spread the

Nothing else you do will alleviate as much suffering or prevent the killing or “warehousing” of adoptable pets as quickly or
efficiently as spaying and neutering. — Nancy Burnet, Executive Director, DJ&T Foundation