Employee of the Month

Mounds would like to recognize John Willems as our November Employee of the Month. John was recently promoted to Assistant Manager, at our Mounds Sun Prairie location, and has taken on the job with great enthusiasm. He is described by his fellow employees as hardworking, funny, respectful, thorough, and considerate. John has a “Can Do” attitude and is always ready to help out with whatever needs to be done. He is most knowledgeable about dogs and dog accessories. John’s motto is, “Staying positive and never giving up will see you through”. In his free time John runs marathons, competes in Iron Man competitions, and enjoys biking. He also loves spending time with his dogs; Churro a Border Collie/Sheltie mix, and Bailey a German Shepherd mix. Thank you, John, for all of your hard work. Mounds is glad to have you on our team!