Mounds Success Story October 2012

We have two dogs and a cat. We switched to Mounds brand after being      on  a National brand name dog/cat food for over 4 years. We like the fact that the Mounds brands are made with natural ingredients. All of our pets are on Mounds brand foods now and doing fantastic.

Our 5 year old orange tabby cat Dukie is eating the Mounds Purrfect Cat food. He loves to sit in windows, and play “tag”, and tackle our little brown dog Squeakie. He also loves to sit on top of our china hutch and watch what’s going on.

Both of our dogs are currently eating the Mounds Dog Power Maintenance. Our little dog, Squeakie, is a 4 year old Dachshund. He is a playful little guy who loves to chase our little girl around the house. Squeakie likes to curl up tight to us when he sleeps and he loves giving kisses to wake you up in the morning.

Our big dog Petie is an 8 year old Lab/Terrier, which is what the shelter thought when we adopted him. He is a very hyper, fun loving dog who LOVES giving kisses. He is our protector and follows us around no matter what we are doing. He likes to sleep next to our daughter’s bed when she is sleeping. He also can sit, shake, and lay down, which is a routine we do before he gets a treat.

Thank you so much, for producing such great pet food. Pets deserve the best because they really are more like family, then just a pet.
Thank you, Dan and Lori B.