Mounds Success Story

This past March we said goodbye to our 13 yr old golden retriever Speedy. We were all very sad, especially our twin six year old boys. Watching patiently on the Dane County Humane Societies web site, we found our newest family member, Lola, a wonderful 4 yr old dog. Lola had been fed the Mounds Dog Power at the shelter, so when she came home we immediately continued with that food.

In a stressful time for a little girl like Lola, I think the one constant of being fed Dog Power helped her adjust to her new home. Feeding the Dog Power makes her healthy, happy, and her coat shines. Today, Lola wakes up my boys with kisses and as one of my boys recently stated, “Our family is complete again!” One side benefit of Lola waking up the boys in this manner is that they start their day giggling and happy due to her affection! Lola has truly become a much beloved member of our family.

After we feed Lola her Mounds Dog Power, if she is still hungry she will let us know by picking her dish out of its stand, carrying it to the kitchen and dropping it on the hardwood floor. Its Lola’s way of saying, “Hey, I am still hungry here!” We have also started what we call the “Lola Weight Loss Program”. It was a combination of regular Dog Power and lots of exercise. After several months, Lola has achieved her goal weight and looks forward to our daily walks. Our family is very careful to make sure we put the best, healthiest things in our bodies and then also compliment that with plenty of exercise. This is a great formula for each member of our family – even the ones who have a tail 🙂 In regard to Lola, our newest family member, Dog Power is key in that successful formula.