Warm Fuzzy

Mounds Warm Fuzzy SaluteThe Dane County Sheriff’s Office has used canines since 1901. The current K-9 program has been in place since 1982, making it the longest serving K-9 Unit in Dane County. Many dedicated deputies and canines have served on the Unit. The K-9 Unit currently has five teams: Each team consists of a handler (deputy) and their canine partner. There are three patrol teams, one explosives detection team, and one search/rescue team.

K-9 Teams proudly serve the citizens of Dane County including the University of Wisconsin. They also frequently work with other law enforcement K9 units throughout the county and state.
These canines are specifically trained by their handlers for a variety of law enforcement duties including: Tracking and Apprehension, Drug investigation, Explosive search, Cadaver search, Lost Person search including Alzheimer’s victims and the protection and security of visiting Dignitaries. The purchase and training of a canine partner can cost between eight and twelve thousand dollars: The training of a handler can cost between five and seven thousand.
All canine officers are privately funded: Tax dollars are not used to purchase dogs. Dane County K9, Inc. is a non-profit public charity dedicated to providing for the current and long-term funding needs of the Dane County Sheriff’s K-9 unit. Prior to the formation of Dane County K9, Inc., handlers were responsible for funding their own canine partners. Funding received through Dane County K9, Inc. helps purchase special equipment, pay for advanced training, and offset other costs the handlers would have to personally incur.
Mounds is proud that K-9 Handlers feed Mounds Dog Power. Canine Officer Ultrix (Deputy Brian Biwer, handler) Canine Officer Hunter (Deputy Jay O’Neill, handler) and Canine Officer Rico (Deputy Keith Kelly, handler) thrive on Dog Power! Mounds Dog Power is a premium pet food, made right here in Wisconsin and formulated by professional nutritionists. If Mounds Dog Power is good enough for these Canine heroes of the Sheriff’s Department, imagine what it can do for your dog!
The Dane County K-9 unit is fortunate to have the support of many businesses such as Mounds along with private individuals and foundations. For more information of the many ways you can help including available merchandise and information on fundraising events visit the Dane County K9, Inc. website at: www.danecountyk9.org.