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What is Friends of Noah-WI?

Friends of Noah-WI is a nonprofit animal rescue organization whose primary purpose is to rescue animals. Founded in March, 2010 by Executive Director, Lois Corwin, this all-volunteer organization places animals in foster homes where they are provided with love and medical attention that may be required to ensure they are in good health before adoption. All animals are fully vetted before placed into permanent homes.

This rescue is unique, because of the additional programs it has established in the Rock County area in support of trying to keep animals in their homes so that they don’t become stray or abandoned in the first place. Those programs include:

CAFÉ (Companion Animal Food Effort). This program is dedicated to providing pet food assistance to families who are economically disadvantaged so that they never have to make the choice between providing for themselves or their animal companions. Friends of Noah-WI now has 9 active food pantries in the Rock County area and helps over 500 families each month feed their pets.

Badger Animal Fund (BAF): This program provides financial assistance to qualified pet owners for payment of incurred and anticipated veterinary expenses in emergency situations. For those who have lost their homes and/or their jobs, losing their pet simply because they can’t afford an emergency vet bill would be an extremely hard loss to those who have already lost so much already. Friends of Noah-WI is there to help.

SAFE: (Saving Animals Through Focused Education): This program helps our community develop caring, committed and compassionate friends of all animals. Workshops and lessons are presented in area grade, middle and high-schools educating kids about the proper care, commitment and responsibility towards our animal friends.

Friends of Noah-WI is always looking for volunteers, foster homes, and financial contributions to cover the myriad of activities and costs involved in our commitment to helping people and their pets in Rock County.

For more information about Friends of Noah-WI, please visit the website at: Join us as a Fan on Facebook at Friends of Noah-WI!