Mounds Success Story

Mounds Success StoryOur success story is about Friday, our 65lb 11 month old Goldendoodle. Friday had a sensitive stomach when we brought him home. At 12 weeks of age, he suffered from diarrhea and a vomiting. Over the next couple of months, we wormed him and tried several foods but his problems persisted. We were told that a lamb and rice food was usually better for dogs with sensitive tummies so, we went in search of just such a food. We found the Mounds Dog Power Lamb and Rice and decided to give it a try.

Dog Power Lamb and Rice IS AMAZING! Within 2-3 days, Friday was having more solid stools. Thanks Mounds for having just what we needed, when we needed it! Friday has discovered counter surfing so; we have to work on that. He knows lots of good tricks including “crawl” and “wave your paw”. We are still looking for toys that will stand up to his chewing but we are all so happy!

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