Success Story

We have 2 dogs. Bella is a 2yr old black lab/border collie mix and Smokey is a 3yr old pooh-bear. Both dogs would frequently get bored with their food, eat each others food, not eat at all, or only eat it if we added “special” ingredients. Bella has a sensitive stomach so; we frequently had to add rice to her diet to control loose or runny stools. We did research and tried various national brands that we purchased from Mounds Fitchburg but we still struggled to find a food mixture that was right for both dogs.

During one of our visits to Mounds, one of the Sales Associates noticed the perplexed looks on our faces and asked if he could help. He introduced us to Mounds Dog Power Lamb Meal and Rice. He took the time to explain the benefits of the ingredients. He told us he fed Dog Power to his own dogs and they hadn’t experienced any of the complications Bella and Smokey were having. We were skeptical about trying a “non-name brand” dog food but at this point, we were ready to try anything.

Well, we tried it and the dogs loved it! Bella’s beautiful black coat is more shiny and glossy and we have also noticed less shedding. We can feed both dogs the same food, without worrying about sharing, and picking up their feces is much more manageable.

After a year long struggle, this has been a huge success story for Bella and Smokey and it all happened because a Mounds Sales Associate noticed our perplexed faces as we were trying to figure out what to do. We just bought our second big bag of Dog Power Lamb Meal and Rice. I wish I could remember the name of the Sales Associate so I could thank him personally for
taking the time to help us!

Thanks for allowing me to share this success story.

Tom Vaughan