Success Story

Mounds is proud to feature Riley as our January Dog Power Success Story. Riley is an 8 month old Merle Cocker Spaniel with the most beautiful blue eyes. We have tried different brands and found that the Dog Power Chicken & Rice has given Riley a very soft and shiny coat and he loves the food. My husband recently returned from a shopping trip to Mounds. He put his purchase of Mounds Chicken and Rice Dog Power on the table and went out to get the rest of his bags. When he returned to the house Riley was sitting ON the table with the food! Along with Riley, his 3 “brothers” also love the Dog Power Chicken & Rice. The other 3 dogs are very picky and we found that this food works for all of them.
Riley is very playful and always has a toy in his mouth. His favorites are the “squeaky” eggs, and his soft camel. Both were purchased from the Mounds in Middleton. He loves everyone he meets. You can’t help but look at this face and fall in love.
Mark and Amy Elliott