Mounds Success Story

Mounds candy barWhile the following isn’t exactly our typical Mounds Dog Power or Purr-Fect Cat Success submission, we thought it such an interesting an heartwarming story, that we wanted to share it with you. And since it features our Mounds Candy Bars we felt it especially timely for Halloween.

Dear Mounds:
After making a purchase, I placed one of your free Mounds Candy Bars in my jacket pocket and went to the gym. When finished working out, I returned to the locker room and found a fellow member ashen white, head down and about to pass out. He informed me he had hypoglycemia and had forgotten to replenish the medicine in his gym bag.

Knowing that this is a low-sugar condition, I quickly retrieved your candy bar, which he quickly clutched from my hand. This small amount of chocolate brought him around enough to make it to his truck, get some emergency tablets and call his wife.

I now pointedly ask for Mounds Candy Bars along with my purchase. I see this gentleman several times per week, and he graciously accepts them. Your free service means a lot to us, and may have saved him an emergency trip to the hospital. Thank you very much.
Chico B.
What a happy ending to a truly unusual Mounds Success Story! Thanks