Purrfect Cat Success Story

Abby and IssaWhen Kim got Abby, a Ragdoll kitten, from a breeder in Iowa she was told to feed only a specific brand of cat food. Kim writes, “I have been feeding Mounds to both my cats and dogs for years and have had nothing but success so being told to use another food was really against all that I knew. But since she has a cattery I was willing to give her the benefit of the doubt that this food would be better than Mounds.”

Kim visited Mounds Sun Prairie and found the other brand and compared it to Mounds Purrfectly Natural: “What I found is that the Mounds brand far exceeded this nationally known brand.” Needless to say Abby was immediately switched over to Mounds Purrfectly Natural. Issa, also a Ragdoll kitten, was six weeks old and suffering from an upper respiratory infection when Kim brought her home. Issa needed direct one on one care so; Kim mixed a protein supplement in with Mounds Purrfectly Natural. Kim recalls, “She was fed Mounds mixed with a protein supplement for the first month that I had her. Issa began to gain weight and strength and fully recovered.” Kim continues to feed Mounds Purrfectly Natural to both Abby and Issa: “I have full confidence in feeding my Ragdoll kittens Mounds cat food. I recommend it to everyone and even sent a sample to Abby’s breeder and she wishes that there was a Mounds in Iowa. Mound employees and the care and service that they provide is second only to the great products local Products that they sell.”

Kim L