Employee of the Month

Elliot KleinMounds would like to recognize Elliot Klein as our August Employee of the
month. Elliot is a Sales Associate at our Mounds Fitchburg location. He is described by fellow employees as honorable, caring and reliable. Elliot always treats
customers with patience and respect: He truly enjoys helping them find the right product for their needs! He also takes the time to learn the names of our four-legged customers. He is willing to do whatever it takes to address customers’ nutritional and dietary concerns. If Elliot doesn’t know the answer to a question, he’ll find the answer. Outside of work Elliot helps his mother with her pet-sitting business. He also enjoys live music and is interested in music and entertainment promotion. Elliot’s dedication to animals – both inside and outside of work – reminds us all of why we have chosen to work for Mounds!