Bo – A Dog Power Success Story

Ben Kiley’s adopted lab/pit bull mix, Bo, just turned five this year. When Ben adopted Bo she was Lab mix dogbeing fed a national brand, and while she was doing fine with it, she seemed to
have a few unpleasant digestive issues. Ben says, “So we checked with
Mounds and the sales associate there suggested we try Dog Power. Since Bo had some weight issues , we started her on Dog Power Weight Management Formula” Bo lost those unnecessary pounds quickly, and Ben switched her over to Mounds Dog Power Lamb and Rice to help with those digestive issues. Ben adds, “Bo loved both formulas and has been doing great…super coat, loads of energy and both formulas are more affordable than the national brands; Bo’s digestion improved as

We asked if Ben would recommend Dog Power. “I already have as a matter of fact we started dog sitting for a friend’s dog last March and I switched her over to Dog Power as
well!” You can’t ask for a better endorsement than that! Thanks Ben and Bo for a great Dog Power Success Story!