Lakeshore Pembroke Welsh Corgi Rescue

Lakeshore Pembroke Welsh Corgi Rescue was incorporated 2006. Originally a committee of the Lakeshore Pembroke Welsh Corgi Breed Club, the rescue chose to become a separate entity in order to qualify for 501c3 status. This status allows donations to be tax deductible and allows us to write proposals for various grants.Our rescue works to support purebred corgis in the Michigan, Iowa, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin and Minnesota areas. We accept owner surrenders as well as rescue dogs from shelters and we occasionally take in corgis from other rescues that need assistance.

We are a network of volunteers who foster displaced corgis in our homes. The rescue takes care of all medical needs, including, spaying or neutering surgeries. All dogs are evaluated for a period of no less than 2 weeks before being placed in a new permanent home. In the last two years we have rescued two hundred dogs.

Corey - Rescued Welsh Corgi
Corey - A Rescued Welsh Corgi

We often receive heartwarming stories from adoptive parents: Take the case of Corey: Corey was born in a puppy mill and sold to a woman over the internet. She quickly became overwhelmed and surrendered him to rescue because he was too hard for her to handle. He is, to this day, the only dog to be surrendered to Lakeshore at such a young age. Once in foster care it became clear that he was just a normal puppy doing the kinds of things normal puppies do – which can be a lot! He was lucky enough to be adopted by Shirley H. at the age of 4 months.

Shirley has done remarkable things with little Corey. She trained him to compete in both AKC Agility Trials and Obedience competitions. He is now training toward his Tracking Dog Excellent (TDX) title, merrily plunging through woods, underbrush, and creeks while dragging Shirley along behind him.

Corey has earned numerous titles which are appended to both the front and back of his name, UACH, UUD, RO3 He’s a Corker UDX, RAE, TD, OA, AXJ, VCD2. In fact, he was the #7 Pembroke Welsh Corgi in the country in the 2008 Delaney Obedience rankings and the #5 corgi in the 2009 First and Foremost Obedience rankings. To read about more of our success stories, please visit our web page which is given below.

Pembroke Welsh Corgis are best known as the favorite dog of England’s Queen Elizabeth. Corgis make excellent companion dogs. Their gentle and easy-to-care-for nature makes them a perfect pet for folks of almost any age. Corgis are remarkably “adaptable” dogs that seem to do as well with apartment living as they do out on the farm. They do need supervised play and should never be allowed to roam loose.

Pembroke are loyal, loving, affectionate, sometimes independent and always amusing. They can be subtly overbearing while being cute. They need guidance and loving discipline to develop their pleasant personality. Their tough sturdy build make them great playmates for children. The Corgi’s alertness and protective instincts also make him an excellent guardian of the home.

Corgis take to obedience or agility work as if they had been created for it. They are sensitive yet determined, and perform their tasks with the gusto required of a topnotch competition dog.

We are looking for volunteers in a variety of areas including foster homes, people to transport dogs to foster homes, fundraising and public relations.

To learn more about our organization and to view our adoptable dogs, please visit our web site or call Megan in Madison at 608-245-1722.