May 2017 Newsletter

It’s getting to be that time of year when we get to hear those dreaded words on the phone – I found fleas on my pet, help! Flea infestations can actually happen all year round. This is likely because the pets picked up a few fleas several weeks ago and the perky parasites are just making themselves noticeable. Let’s cover a few strategies for dealing with fleas. 
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Easter is right around the corner and I’m thinking about getting a bunny. Where could I get a cute little bunny?

Unfortunately too many people will buy a rabbit and quickly realize that caring for a rabbit requires a great deal of time and effort. Since Easter is right around the corner, I would encourage you to wait until after the holiday and consider adopting a rabbit from the Humane Society or the House Rabbit Society. In the mean time, ask yourself these questions: Are you prepared to provide the proper care for an animal whose lifespan is 8 – 12 years? Are you prepared for the expense of veterinary care that could be needed for a house rabbit? Can you provide adequate food and housing for the rabbit? Do you have the time to properly care for a pet rabbit?

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American Robin parent feeding worms to four babies in nest.

Born to Be Wild: If you care, leave them there!

Four Lakes Wildlife Center, the wild side of Dane County Humane Society, has seen an ENORMOUS increase in the number of wildlife admitted to their center in the last two years. Unfortunately, many of these animals would have done better if left in the wild.

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