February 2017 Newsletter

February is Pet Dental Health Month! Every year we set aside February as the month to remind owners that their pets have teeth, and that your pet’s teeth need attention and proper care. I thought I would briefly go over what that means to those of you that share your life with a dog, cat, ferret, rabbit, some species of rodents, and even those who have a horse or pony.

Dogs, cats and ferrets all have similar types of teeth. All three have carnivorous teeth – canines, incisors, premolars and molars – they just have different numbers of certain teeth. Of course, all the teeth are surrounded by gums (gingival tissues) and the bones of the skull. The gingival tissue is where most problems happens in these animals and that is when teeth can become diseased, loose and tooth loss can occur. It is important that your pet be seen by a veterinarian on a regular schedule to assess their dental health. Home care should be aimed keeping these teeth and gums as healthy as possible via brushing, wipes or rinses, diets and chews and regular home inspections by you.

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Many pets love the ice and snow, but sometimes they simply do not know when to come inside on their own. Puppies, especially, cannot regulate their body temperature as well as an adult dog. They may all of a sudden realize they are too cold to even move! When the temperatures drop, be aware of how long your dog has been outside. Short-coated or younger dogs may need jackets or even booties to help keep them comfortable. Older dogs are just as at risk as puppies. Dogs’ feet can become very cold in the snow, be sure to keep your pet under supervision at all times in the cold weather – You may have to rescue a pup that cannot walk back to the house in the snow and ice!

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