Fish & Reptile

Mounds has what you need to keep your scaly friends happy.

If you’re looking for anything from fish food to terrarium bulbs or bedding, Mounds carries numerous well-known and trusted brands:

Fish Supplies: API, Aqueon, Hikari, Marineland, Tetra, and Wardley

  • Food
    • Aquarium fish foods
    • Weekend feeders
    • Koi & pond fish foods
  • Filter cartridge replacements
  • Gravel vacuums
  • Water treatments
  • Betta fish supplies

Reptile Supplies: HBH, Rep-Cal, Tetra, Zilla

  • Bedding
  • Critter Cages
  • Crickets
  • Cricket food & cricket water gel
  • Food
  • Light domes
  • Light bulbs: UV day bulbs and night heat bulbs
  • Terrarium dishes

Please note: Not all sizes, brands and products are available at every Mounds location. Please call for availability or to special order a product.

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