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Employee of the Month May 2016

We would like to recognize the following Employee for her outstanding work at Mounds. Alexandra Fores is a full time lead sales associate at our Mounds Sun Prairie location. She is described as hardworking, reliable, knowledgeable, responsible, and friendly. Alex is most knowledgeable about horse products and animal nutrition. Alex is great at knowing what […]

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Success Story May 2016

Our 10 year old cat Callie had been eating a name brand national pet food since she was a kitten. She had developed some oozing open sores on her chin. After doing some research it was determined she had “Kitty Acne”. Many times this develops due to an allergic reaction, mainly plastic and food allergies. […]

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Ask the Vet – First Aid Kit

Setting-up a first-aid kit can be a great idea as we get into the nice Spring weather and we are more active. My goal is to recommend some basic supplies that can apply to all pet owners. Depending on your needs and activities, you may choose to add even more items that fit your pets’ […]

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