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Employee of the Month September 2014

Jennifer Raab is a part-time sales associate at our Mounds Fitchburg location. She is described as a considerate, enthusiastic, imaginative, tidy, and versatile. Jennifer is most knowledgeable about rabbits, small animals, and dog training. Jennifer keeps an upbeat attitude at all times and genuinely enjoys coming to work. She goes out of her way to […]

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Mounds Pet Tips September 2014

Submissive Urination is something that is very natural for dogs, and it is a nice, clear way of communication between other dogs. It is typically a younger dog submitting to an older, or more dominant dog. It’s their way of saying “I’m not a threat! Please don’t hurt me!”  When dogs do it with people […]

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Success Story September 2014

Kyra is a 10 year old Akita, and it’s her job in life to make sure everything is running smoothly on the farm where she lives. She’s constantly running around checking everything out and she wouldn’t be able to do that without a good food to keep her going! Kyra’s been on the Mounds All […]

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Warm Fuzzy September 2014

Former Underdog Yowzer was originally found by a Good Samaritan walking the streets of Milwaukee on a cold,  windy night. Shane, the man who found him, brought him to Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission(MADACC) and checked up on him often to make sure he was doing well at the shelter. Underdog’s director, Lauren Wojtasiak, […]

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