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Mounds Success Story

Mounds Success Story for June/July is the Rock County Humane Society. Read the full article under the Warm Fuzzy Salute.

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Ask the Vet

SCRATCH, SCRATCH, SCRATCH. If this is a familiar sound in your home, you know all too well that the allergy season started early this year. Record-breaking temperatures this past March meant a much more prolific blooming season this Spring. While I loved the bountiful of blooms that the weather brought, I disliked the extra allergens […]

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Employee of the Month

Mounds would like to congratulate Tristan Hanson as our Employee of the Month.  Tristan is a Lead Sales associate at our Mounds Middleton location. He is described by his fellow employees as organized, efficient, adaptable, confident and friendly.  Tristan is always going above and beyond to help out and is always ready to put in […]

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Mounds Warm Fuzzy/Success Story

Rock County Humane Society (RCHS) is a private, charitable animal shelter that cares for approximately 3,000 lost, abandoned, and homeless companion animals annually. Whether it is to help the lost dog that just needs a safe spot to rest before going home to a worried family or the abandoned cat who just wants to find […]

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