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Warm Fuzzy Salute

The University of Wisconsin Madison Police Department K-9 Unit started in May, 2002 by the efforts of K-9 Unit Coordinator Lieutenant Jason Whitney, management and the University Community. The Unit began with Czech Republic born German shepherd, Mosely. Mosely was trained in explosive detection and suspect tracking and worked with Special Events Lieutenant K-9 handler, […]

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Success Story

We have 2 dogs. Bella is a 2yr old black lab/border collie mix and Smokey is a 3yr old pooh-bear. Both dogs would frequently get bored with their food, eat each others food, not eat at all, or only eat it if we added “special” ingredients. Bella has a sensitive stomach so; we frequently had […]

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Ask the Vet

You’re at the vet with your dog and the doctor tells you that they hear a “murmur”. What does this mean? A murmur is abnormal sound that the veterinarian hears when listening to the heart with a stethoscope. As murmurs can have serious consequences, a complete heart work up is recommended when one is detected.

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Employee of the Month

Mounds would like to congratulate Michael Harrington on being our February Employee of the Month. Michael has only been with Mounds seven months, but in that time has worked his way up to a Lead Sales Associate position. He is described by his fellow employees as knowledgeable, friendly, outgoing, helpful and humorous. Michael will go […]

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